Infraplex is excited to announce that we are the exclusive internet services provider for Sagitta residents. We have tailored a package for you as a new Sagitta resident. Open activation of your new contract with us you will be receiving a 5/5 Mbps fibre internet connection. We have also installed an intercom phone in your unit. This phone will only come with the caabilities of calling to the main gate intercom and from unit to unit. If you would like the phone to call out there is an additional port fee.
We understand how vital your internet connectivity is, this is why we have upgraded
packages available to cater to your speed requirements.

Important notice

To ensure that Infraplex can have your unit ready for you to move it, it is important that all Sagitta residents complete this form to ensure that we can RICA you, in order to recieve any internet service.

We have the following upgraded speeds available for you:

Telephone (VOIP)

We are able to supply you with a number and adapt your phone to have the ability to call out with our VoIP services. This additional fee will be R79.00 p/m.

Telephone services via your internet connection offers a cost effective and reliable alternative to the traditional Telco fixed copper line service. Call cheaply to anywhere in the world with per second billing rates.

Port Fee = R79.35 pm
Calls to landline = 30c per min billed per second

Calls to mobile = 80c per min billed per second

Entry level GXP1610

The GXP1610/15 Basic IP phone delivers a user-friendly and intuitive communication experience for users who need only essential VoIP access. Complete with 1 line, 2 call appearances and a 132×48 LCD screen, the GXP1610/15 is equipped for dependable phone access. The phone also offers 3 XML programmable soft keys and dual 10/100 mbps ports (with PoE on the GXP1615) for a flexible user experience.


  • 1 SIP account, 2 line keys, 3-way conferencing, 3 XML programmable context-sensitive soft keys
  • Dual-switched 10/100 mbps ports
  • EHS support for Plantronics headsets
  • Up to 1000 contacts
  • Call history up to 200 records

Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS)

Keep your digital media services running and connected during power-outages and load-shedding. Power your TV, Media box, phone and internet router for up to 6 hours.

This UPS system price is an added benefit to our internet services and will only be provided at this price when an internet package is purchased. The size of you UPS will depend on the number of devices you want to power and for how long you want to power them without the regular electrical connection.


*850VA output

Media Box

Media services are a viable alternative entertainment source.

Infraplex’s network is optimised for Netflix, DSTV Now and Showmax. Other services available include Hulu, YouTube.. and a range of others. To access media services one could use either you laptop, smart TV or Media Box (Preferred) turning any digital television set into a Smart TV.

Media Boxes are a product benefit and are only offered as a add on to our internet packages.

Media Box R1865.88

Cyber Security

Filter Internet content, protecting your children. Firewalls are also great to allow each user in your home to have controlled access for a safe online experience.

Give your home network a much needed security boost. The Home Edition of the Sophos XG Firewall features full protection for your home network, including anti-malware, web security and URL filtering, application control, IPS, traffic shaping, VPN, reporting and monitoring, and much more.

  • Full protection for your home users and your home network
  • Integrated, hardened Linux operating system
  • Runs on Intel-compatible hardware

Pricing for Firewalls available on request and are calculated according to your needs.

Smart Connected Home Security

Control your home security, turn devices on and off remotely and
control your gates and garage door/s all from you mobile device.

Smart connected home security is only available as a product benefit add to any of our internet packages offered.

We are offering a new home starter kit.

For a basic one bedroom, one entrance home with a good WIFI connection you will need:


Intrusion detectors, central panel, key fob

These Items can be added as extras depending on the size and layout of your home:

CombiProtect     R1747.06

Motion detector and glass break detector in every room

HomeSiren       R1244.12

Street siren

KeyPad   R1985.29

Keypad to arm and disarm the system

Contact us to customise a starter kit for your home with our world class, award winning home security products.

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Protect your computers and mobile devices from viruses, malware and phishing
(identity theft).

FREE product benefit with any home internet package.

Our home antivirus program offers basic limited protection.

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