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What are email services?

Email services for your business can improve communication between your business and your clients, as well as the communication within your business. Creating a customised email domain is an opportunity that will improve your brand quality and reputation within your industry to provide the perception of a viable, trustworthy business.

We can set up one or multiple email accounts for your business, which can be a selection of personal account department related email accounts.

Email services not only involve the creation of the domains your business requires, but essentially hosting services to provide you with cloud storage options to back up and store email communications.

We can customise an email solution for your business that can evolve and grow with your business, so if you expand your business or require more storage space, we can grow your email services with you.

Why is Email Services for Business so important?

Lightning speed communication

Communication by e-mail is almost instantaneous, which improves communication through the rapid dissemination of information and rapid response to customer requests. It also allows problems to be solved more quickly and business processes to be streamlined. As a result, small business owners can do more in less time.

Reduce your world

E-mail reduces geographical and time barriers for companies. Employees or subcontractors around the world can communicate wherever they are. Customers can also send sales and support questions by e-mail based on their own time zone plans.

Attract your customers

E-mail enables companies to market their products to a specific target group. Customers can choose to receive email notifications about their own products, sales or new items. Customers who receive targeted email based on their preferences are likely to be more receptive. Email marketing can also address customers based on their status within a company. For example, a company can customize messaging for new customers, existing customers, and regular customers.

Efficiency and Productivity

Email can help increase productivity. Business owners can contact established distribution lists, automatically submit information on a topic, or send information to specific people as needed. Most email software offers customization features that you can customize based on the type of work you’re doing, the volume of email messages you receive each day, and the employee’s needs. Effective use of email can reduce excessive reliance on personal consultations and meetings.


Automatic reply to messages.

Auto-forward and redirection of messages.

Facility to send copies of a message to many people.

Automatic filing and retrieval of messages.

Addresses can be stored in an address book and retrieved instantly.

Notification if a message cannot be delivered.

Emails are automatically date and time stamped.

Signatures can be attached.

Files, graphics or sound can be sent as attachments, often in compressed formats.

Webmail and mobile email can be used to receive and send messages while on the move.


Emails are delivered extremely fast when compared to traditional post.

Emails can be sent 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Webmail means emails can be sent and received from any computer, anywhere in the world, that has an internet connection.

Cheap – when using broadband, each email sent is effectively free.

Dial-up users are charged at local call rates but it only takes a few seconds (for conventional email, eg text only) to send an email.

Emails can be sent to one person or several people.

Our pricing options

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Email Services

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