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How much time do South Africans spend on Social Media?

Social Media has become part of our daily routines, filling in the time gaps we have during breaks, meals and bedtimes. But do South Africans really know how much time they spend on Social Media? Just oput into perspective of how big our nation is we should note that South Africa had a population of […]

What you should ask before getting fibre internet.

Fibre-to-the-home and fibre-to-the-business are the preferred options for people looking for a fast, stable, and affordable uncapped Internet connection. There has been a rapid increase in fibre coverage in South Africa with a slew of fibre network operators rolling out networks. There is typically only a single fibre operator which is active in a neighbourhood, […]

South African Emergency numbers you should know.

In South Africa’s current climate, we are constantly surrounded by criminal threats and our first line of defense is to pick up the phone and call for help. But what number do you call?? We have compiled a list below for you to print and stick on your fridge so that in the event of […]

Whats New to Netflix and Showmax this week?

Keep your eyes peeled for these new films and TV shows streaming now on Netflix and Showmax. DOTA: Dragon’s Blood – S1 Netflix  IMDb – 8.9 DAM Showmax IMDb – 8.8 Hail, Caesar! Video Play IMDb – 6.3 Seaspiracy Netflix IMDb – 8.6 Burden Showmax IMDb – 6.6 The Dilemma Video Play IMDb – 5.3 Outlander – S4 Netflix IMDb – 8.4 We stand […]