A software/ hardware or process to block spam from entering your corporate network

What is Anti- Spam?

An email safety roadmap involves an unmatched cross-product approach. EOP anti-spam and anti-phishing technology is applied across our email platforms to provide users with the latest anti-spam and anti-phishing tools and innovations throughout the network. The goal for EOP is to offer a comprehensive and usable email service that helps detect and protect users from junk email, fraudulent email threats (phishing), and malware.

As email use has grown, so has email abuse. Unmonitored junk email can clog inboxes and networks, impact user satisfaction, and hamper the effectiveness of legitimate email communications. That’s why Microsoft continues to invest in anti-spam technologies. Simply put, it starts by containing and filtering junk email.

Anti Spam technologies.

Connection filtering:

Identifies good and bad email source servers early in the inbound email connection via the IP Allow List, IP Block List, and the safe list (a dynamic but non-editable list of trusted senders). You configure these settings in the connection filter policy.

Spam filtering (content filtering):

EOP uses the spam filtering verdicts SpamHigh confidence spamBulk emailPhishing email and High confidence phishing email to classify messages. You can configure the actions to take based on these verdicts, and you can configure the end-user notification options for messages that were quarantined instead of delivered.

Outbound spam filtering:

EOP also checks to make sure that your users don’t send spam, either in outbound message content or by exceeding outbound message limits.


IP reputation-based filtering

RBL Lists, MIME header check

Based on message header, size, sender, recipient


Screens out the 90% spam in incoming mail

Saves bandwidth

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Anti Spam
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